Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anson Coffee Shop @ SS15 Subang

Anson Coffee Shop, a new cafe which opened not too recent in ss15 - same row and few doors away from the demolished Old Taste Cafe. The cafe has a very "Green Environment" since the cafe itself is painted green from the outside. As you head in, you would be greeted by the friendly uncle who's the owner of the cafe as he brings you to a nice comfortable seat.

As you can see from the picture, the cafe tries to follow the good old days "Chinese Coffee Shop" with the antique like table and chair. Makes you feel like you're in the 60's or 70's coffee shop.

The best served food of the shop is being advertised on the walls of the cafe.

No doubt that the menu shows that this cafe serves a variety of food yet have no doubt to order their famous Chee Cheong Fun. As appetiser, the friendly owner would recommend you to order their famous "Asam Boi" drink.

And ...people like me the moment I come across "Asam Laksa" I wouldn't hesitate to try it.

It was a little bit disappointing when I ate the asam laksa as it doesnt live up to its name "ASAM=SOUR". The taste was rather blend.

Pork Noodle Soup

Noodle soup looked nice on the advert...however when it came..it had too little pork served in it. It had more noodles than its ingredient. Not too worth ordering it if you're truly very hungry. But then...their Chee Cheong Fun is really unique. Where would we be able to find Chee Cheong Fun served with green chilly? Only in Teluk Intan Cafe in KL that we can find this unique serving. This Chee Cheong Fun doesnt really taste like those plain white kuey tiow type of chee Cheong Fun as it has special ingrediants mixed inside it which makes it unique!! Something worth trying if you're a Chee Cheong Fun fan!!

Unique Chee Cheong Fun

All in all, I'd say I'd go back there for their unique Chee Cheong Fun with a cup of nice coffee. That would make a perfect "yum cha" meal.


Anonymous said...

The place is pleasant of course - how the owner, Elmo get the investment for this business is easy. Sit in office while bossing people around, big salary every month. Others who are equally or more competent are forced to work under his shameful superiority. So full of bias-ness and disrespect for certain people who worked so hard under him. who earns it? who gets credit? all this enables hardworking and potential staffs to earn more and one day manage their own dreams as well. No... not happening, because this owner, also a so called Creative Director in an advertising agency, destroy people's dream and passion for his own selfish gain. that is why he is able to get his cafe.

It's up to this blog's owner to give permission to allow this up or not, i won't want to spoil this nice blog. But I would like the blog owner know, its really not worth it to help this hellish creature to promote his cafe.

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