Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Anson Coffee Shop @ SS15 Subang

Anson Coffee Shop, a new cafe which opened not too recent in ss15 - same row and few doors away from the demolished Old Taste Cafe. The cafe has a very "Green Environment" since the cafe itself is painted green from the outside. As you head in, you would be greeted by the friendly uncle who's the owner of the cafe as he brings you to a nice comfortable seat.

As you can see from the picture, the cafe tries to follow the good old days "Chinese Coffee Shop" with the antique like table and chair. Makes you feel like you're in the 60's or 70's coffee shop.

The best served food of the shop is being advertised on the walls of the cafe.

No doubt that the menu shows that this cafe serves a variety of food yet have no doubt to order their famous Chee Cheong Fun. As appetiser, the friendly owner would recommend you to order their famous "Asam Boi" drink.

And ...people like me the moment I come across "Asam Laksa" I wouldn't hesitate to try it.

It was a little bit disappointing when I ate the asam laksa as it doesnt live up to its name "ASAM=SOUR". The taste was rather blend.

Pork Noodle Soup

Noodle soup looked nice on the advert...however when it came..it had too little pork served in it. It had more noodles than its ingredient. Not too worth ordering it if you're truly very hungry. But then...their Chee Cheong Fun is really unique. Where would we be able to find Chee Cheong Fun served with green chilly? Only in Teluk Intan Cafe in KL that we can find this unique serving. This Chee Cheong Fun doesnt really taste like those plain white kuey tiow type of chee Cheong Fun as it has special ingrediants mixed inside it which makes it unique!! Something worth trying if you're a Chee Cheong Fun fan!!

Unique Chee Cheong Fun

All in all, I'd say I'd go back there for their unique Chee Cheong Fun with a cup of nice coffee. That would make a perfect "yum cha" meal.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ripley's Believe It or Not

BELIEVE IT OR NOT!! I went all the way up to Genting and had the honour of meeting Robert Ripley up there!! ..LOL..yeap..U heard it correctly!! I know it sounds so wrong going up to Genting to visit such place yet it was pretty much interesting after what I perceived to be inside the place was wrong. It ended up to be like a mini musuem with all Robert Ripley's collections of his tour around the world in search of the weirdest things he can find...I hereby present Mr. Robert Ripley with his unique chair...from *somewhere* which I forgot ..oOppss.. (>.<)

Mr. Robert Ripley~~

My lovely fossilized dinosaur ...right at the entrance to the musuem...

African Fertility Statues

- which serves both as a tribute to whatever fertility Gods that the locals believe in as well as often a mystical totem which helps women of a given tribe to conceive and bear healthy children. There were testimonies played by women around the world who believes by touching the statue they would be able to bear a kid.Mind you..I did not touch it and by taking a picture of it...*touch wood* I wont get pregnant (>.<)

My pleasure to compare the tiny me with Robert Wadlow who is believed to be the tallest man in the world. Standing 2m plus plus tall during his time...*maybe* he may not be the tallest man now but am still happy to be able to meet him.


Am feeling happy & lucky after surviving the narrowing experience of taking a picture in front of the JAWss~ Oh well..lets see how lucky this chair can be when I try my luck later in the Casino. (>.<)

Let me know what you see from this unique craftwork.
(HINT: You should be able to see three different superhero's symbol from this craft which is made out of the unique method of arranging the papers by the creator. )
Illusion Mirror~~

Curiosity kills the cat~~

Seeing too much illusion is no good for a person...see what my bf is doing?? He's such a curious person and the saying curiosity kills the cat isn't just a saying. Click here to see what happened to him when he was caught peeping at the nude lady. Haha...

Oh well..all in all ..visiting the Ripley's Believe it or Not Musuem is gonna be once a lifetime thingy..not a waste of time at all if you're interested to know some interesting and spooking facts around the world. It's just me that I didn't bother to spend much time in there even after having to pay RM25/person to just get into the musuem.
Just too much things to read on the wall!! (>.<)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A short getaway..

Over the weekend, I took a drive down with my family to Mengkarak - -a nice small, peaceful town in Pahang which if any of you would love a getaway, it's a perfect spot.

Why I'd say so because, you are practically out of town in the greenaries and best part is....which the bosses may not like to hear is ...there's not much communication via handphones!! Yippee!!
NO line = NO calls = NO work = PERFECT GETAWAY!!
You'd most probably be surrounded by oil palm estates and other various types of plantations as the one below. If you love the "kampung" side..you'd love this place. And because it has a vast oil palm plantation, this place is famous for fishing & hunting wildboar!! I'm not kidding..a good place to get an exciting experience on how to hunt for wildlife.

Oil palm plantation behind with some crops which the villages plant

Dragon fruit plant ..flower(yellow) and the dragonfruit (red)
What I love most about this place is the way how the villagers live. The live such with such a simple lifestyle with almost no stress. People hear are so united that they almost know each and every person around the neighbourhood...what's more scarry to know is they even know every in and out of your daily activity. Hahaha...oh well..it's nice to know that people care for you when they try to invade your privacy sometimes. Besides the stress free living , these people know's how to enjoy the best food which we cannot get in town.
The moment I hit into this small town, along the riverside you can see many villages would catch Patin fish --still attached to the fishing rods, they display them by the roadside to sell. Guess what??!!?? The price of a good patin fish can cost up to RM290++. Thinking that going straight into a small town for good seafood would be cheap - -that's not the point in this small town yet it's very worth it eating there as you can get fresh fish and wild boar meat.
Lunch meal was great even though this time around we had fewer dishes at a restaurant in town.
Home grown Kangkung

Fresh Patin fish

Stewed Pork Leg

Poor "kampung" chicken which looks so angry after being skinned & cooked

Best dish of all = Wild boar meat cooked with curry

and the meal is never complete with some Chinese tea + TIGER BEER!!
Was pretty disappointed this time as I didn't get to go hunting. Yet what matters most over this short getaway is
Great meals + drinks + family members +relatives + friends!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Interesting Psychopath Test

I came across an interesting article today regarding a test by a famous American Psychologist used to test if one hasthe same mentality as a killer. It was claimed that many arrested serial killers took part in the test and answered the question correctly. It may sound lame yet Believe it or not you may be one of the potential serial killers...bwahhaha..

This is not a trick question. It is as it reads.

"A woman, while at the funeral for her own mother, met this guy whom she didnot know. She thought this guy was amazing! She fell in love with him rightthere, but never asked for his number and could not find him later. A fewdays later she killed her sister."Question: What is her motive in killing her sister? (Give this some thoughtbefore you answer).

Do post your answer and I'd be posting up the answer soon.......if you get it right...you think like a PSYCHOPATH!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Friday the 13th!!

Friday the 13th occurs when the thirteenth day of a month falls on a Friday, which superstition holds to be a day of bad luck !! Believe it or not??

However this is what that has happened on Friday 13th 2010~~

(1) Got to work and all the network connections in the office was down...FREDDY KRUGER was playing in the server rooms...bwahahaha...everyone was pretty happy that we got 1/2 hour of nap.

(2) Practise sessions was like HELL for the performance...some evil spirits tend to screw things up here and there (P.s : slightly exaggerated)...

(3) This is what you get when you have sleepless nights.. and gone through months of HELL..*evil grins*

A chinese "KEONG SI" ?!? What the HELL!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cake Hunt ....

It's been a while ever since my long long lost badminton buddy cum best friend cum "virtual husband and wife in the previous century ...errr...A zillion years ago" that we have got the time to meet up and hang out over the weekends...hehe...wokies, not his fault -----maybe I should put it this way as in more like I've been very busy and it was difficult to re-schedule my plans. And this means that my that my poor buddy have been waiting for this opportunity to sit down and catch up.* shy* *shy*~~

More so that this time around it was him who randomly invited me over the MSN

"Since you're free, come lets go yum char..I feel like having cake "

I was pretty much reluctant at first because I was pretty much exhausted after standing for hours in the cleanroom for the past three days that I could barely move my limbs more so my ass from the chair. *bleks*

Having such a good friend who wanted to meet up for a drink, he spontaneously offered to come pick me and take me to a place to have cake which he insisted to let me know where it was when we were there. Hahaha..and guess what??!!?? It's been a while ever since I've been on my food hunt I jumped to this opportunity to having to go out ..more so...it's so difficult to make my dear friend a driver since he doesn't like driving around. Practically it was also my 1st time having him as my chaffeur (^.^)

The moment I got into the car,curious to find out where he's dating me out to I asked him once again where we heading for our cake. First thing that blurted out from his mouth is

"I'm going to bring you to eat cake at a place..a place that would "cake si" you one..hahaha..You'll see when you get there" (*sounding pretty evil*)

It took us not long to get there from my place and the moment I arrive at the area, I was pretty much surprised that they have such an averagely good cafe open at the Seksyen17 flat area. It's pretty much located inside the flat compound and I doubt many people would be able to see or know where this nice cafe is. Hahaha..Anyway if any of you wants to know where this place is..tee hee hee ..come find me to go have a nice piece of cake and I shall bring you there (^.^)

Perfect setting and hang out area which makes it look like "Fullhouse" yet it isn't *winks*

Happy Faces

Below were the delicious cake we ordered which was perfect for my taste buds.....YUMMY!!~~ The chocolate cake on the right was perfectly made whereby the moment you put it into your mouth..the mixture of its rich chocolate layer & brownie texture layer blends in and melts perfectly onto the taste bud. And that's the moment you start to fall in love with the piece of cake regardless of the price you pay. To my personal opinion it would have been much better than perfect if they had ice-cream to go with it *winks*

Hhhmmpphh... trust me that it's additive the moment you take your first bite (^.^)

I would say that the cakes there are slightly more pricey compared to Secret Recipe as they are freshly home baked cakes. Yet they are worth the price you pay for. Besides the cakes, they also serve normal meals such as western & fusion style meals which their prices are similar to Fullhouse.

So any takers for a slice of cake at anytime soon with me? (^.^)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Celebrating my QUARTER CENTURY 2010....

I'm soon to be a QUARTER CENTURY old come this 1st February 2010..Goshhh...that's so fast yet I'm also truly excited about it. Don't you think that a girl like me should dread of getting old so fast??!!?? Haha...I would say that's not me to feel old so fast, instead I'm forever happy and wishing I would grow old faster. Weird yet true =) Maybe one of the few reason is because I wish too hard to get my *GOLDEN KEY* fast

Let me take ya back a little bit to the past when I was a little more younger...*singing* ~~
"When I was just a little girl at the age of 5 - I wished that I was much older like my other cousin's who are 12 years old and when I reached 12, I wished that I was 15, then 18,21,25 and next I'm letting you all think how old I'd wished to be next" *WinkS*~~

Anyway, today my colleagues cum buddies planned an early birthday surprise for me since it was going to be a long weekend and my birthday falls on Monday which would be a busy day of the week *I guess* However, I'd like to thank my organizer for her genius plan since she somehow or other had the six sense that I wasn't gonna go work on my birthday. Oh well..dun blame me for not going to work...I'm just learning and practicing what my trainers taught me during my training. (o.O) Haha....this birthday girl truly picked up a lot of bad things during training rather than the good ones *bleks*

The cut cake session was held in the afternoon in the office and the birthday dinner party held outside. What's special for this birthday celebration is that

  1. My friends sang 2 Birthday song for ME (Ps: Was not requested by the b'day girl to sing twice ar~~) - one with LIGHTS ON and one with LIGHTS OFF
  2. All the GLP's wave 3 gave me an early birthday surprise celebrated which I'm very THANKFUL.
  3. Considered that I hung out the whole day celebrating my birthday twice with the same group of people. (^.^)

White Chocolate Macadamia Cake

Birthday Gurl~~

Cake Fight~~*MeOww*

Ms. Livan
who looks so happy with the cake =)

Group Picture - Take 1

Group Picture - Take 2

And ...to my dear Miss Chia Chi who missed out the birthday celebration event~~ the birthday girl did not forget to leave a slice of her birthday cake for YOU...

Two short video clips ...during the cake preparation and singing session... =)

Part 1

Part 2

The party continues at night at PICADILLY Dataran Millenium PJ with a bunch of my dear GLP buddies ....the dinner venue and environment was truly a perfect hang out spot (^.^)

GREAT Friends (^.^)

Mr & Mrs PERFECT *Kiddin*


The BIRTHDAY girl's meal....


The *GANGSTARss with LoW Profiles = GLP's* @ Picadilly (^.^)

It was a GREAT BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION with my WONDERFUL FRIENDS company (^.^) After celebrating my early birthday with you all I'm glad that I have grown a year ahead ESPECIALLY by a few days earlier than my actual day!! YIPPEE!!! UnOfficIally 25~~!! Hopefully for me growing a year older also means that I'm also growing WISER too *bleks*

and finale ....

A VERY BIGGIE THANK YOU to all of you who celebrated my birthday and to Ms. HUI LING THANK YOU so MUCHHYY *XOXO* (^.^)~~for organizing this *SURPRISE* Birthday Party!!

Me and MY Birthday ORGANIZER~~!! *hugx*